Top events and nightclubs in Gangtok which you must visit

Top events and nightclubs in Gangtok which you must visit

The beauty of Sikkim is evident through its Buddhist shrines, co-existing colorful lifestyles, and culture, unbelievable flora and fauna with around hundred varieties of butterflies that are found in Sikkim. As the sun sets down, M.G Marg illuminates to its night lights and people from nearby places seem to gather here for a reason, nobody can explain. This place is the hub of Gangtok with popular and vintage restaurants, pubs, karaoke clubs as well as nightclubs.

Sikkim is a relatively small place but the visitors are gifted with a variety of night out options to choose from. Their nightlife has everything you need to spend a wonderful night with a variety of events in Gangtok.

There are a variety of famous bars, pubs, restaurant with live band performances and few nightclubs to dance to your favorite beat. The first land-based casino was also set up in Gangtok which opened the gates for few more casinos. The casino has also added great value to the nightlife in Gangtok.

The nightlife of a place is the dominant factor that is considered before deciding their best place to travel. Who won’t like to call it a day by listening to some jazz or blues with your favorite drink in hand? The illuminated hills on the background from most of the Gangtok nightclub as well as the pubs in Gangtok make them the best place to be in, after sunset. Let us see in details about the few events and nightclub options you can find in Gangtok:

Best Pubs in Gangtok

Cafe Live & Loud – A Great Music Club

Cafe Live & Loud - A Great Music Club

Address: Above M.G Marg, Enchey compound, Tibet Road, Power Secretariat.

Open from: 11 AM to 11 PM

Entry: Around Rs. 1000 per head with coupons and complimentary drinks.

The club has a huge number of dedicated customers who have similar interest and love music as well. The club is houseful when there are live band performances. Located near M.G Marg, the bright lights of the cafe attract the visitors to come in to taste some raw music and a quality time. The Pub does not allow alcohols to boys who are below 18 years. It is the best-unplanned destination after you have canceled your nightclub plan. The cafe also offers excellent breakfast and a good spot for coffee with a wonderful overview of the Tibet road.

This pub is also the first unique acoustically designed pub in the whole North East, which makes the venue classier and a place you cannot afford to miss.

The lounge area here can seat around 50 persons.

Pub 25- British style club in the heart of Gangtok

Pub 25- British style club in the heart of Gangtok

Address: M.G Marg, Gangtok.

Open from: 10 AM to 11 PM

Entry: Around Rs.1000 per head with complimentary drinks and coupons.

This pub is the favorite club for locals as well as travelers as it is located in the heart of M.G Marg. The sound of the music played inside and the bright banners of the club on the outside cannot go unnoticed. A great place to have a quality time with your friends. The pub is also popular due to its traditional British style designs and some beautiful interior decors with a lovely ambiance.

Best nightclubs in Gangtok

As you discover the best nightclubs in Gangtok, it must be noted that the entry comes at a cost at most of the nightclubs. The rates may differ according to the flow of tourist in Gangtok. The night gets empty real quick and so getting a taxi after midnight may seem a costlier affair so book your return taxi beforehand and save some money.

X’Cape – An escape from a tiresome day

X’Cape – An escape from a tiresome day

The club is located near the Vajra cinema Hall which can be covered on foot or you can take a taxi from M.G Marg. The popular hangout place has a wonderful ambiance which is created by the wonderful music and the spacious dance floor which is crowded as the night approaches.

Address: Vajra Cinema Hall, Baluakhani Road, Gangtok.

Open from: 4 PM till Midnight.

Price: Around Rs. 400/800 per head.

Lounge 31 A – The popular club in Gangtok

Lounge 31 A – The popular club in Gangtok

The most popular Lounge located a few km above MG Marg. They offer a splendid view from their glass windows which are located on the bottom floor of the Lounge. The Lounge also has cabins which are cozy as well as beautiful. You can try the hookah there, sing along with the Karaoke option provided by the Lounge for its customers. They also have live Dj and Live bands on an occasional basis which is pre-advertised.

Address: Zero Point, NH31 A, Gangtok

Open from: 12 AM to 12 PM

Price: Free entry

Club King B – below Mayur Hotel 

Club King B - below Mayur Hotel

The club is relatively new but it has created a reputation for a good party place in quick time. The club is open till midnight and the club offers special theme events like the Friday ladies night, which makes it the best place to be after dark.

Address: Mayur Hotel, Gangtok, Sikkim

Open from: 8 pm till Midnight. The Sunday Jam starts at 2 PM.

Entry: Around Rs. 2000 for 2 people and Rs. 1200 for one.

Best Casinos in Gangtok

Sometimes it is really hard for a tourist to believe that Sikkim really has its own Casino. Some of the major states in India don’t have many facilities like a Casino due to government interference. Here in Gangtok betting is allowed and advertised by the Government of Sikkim too. So let us see the best casinos in Town.

The casinos deal in several games like Roulette, Flush, Baccarat, and Blackjack. The casino also has electronic slot machines. If you are entitled towards the casino, Gangtok serves your purpose.

Casino Mahjong:

Casino Mahjong

A casino is actually a place where people play card games and slot machines to double their fun as well as money. The capital of Gangtok became one of the famous Casino sites which are located in the premises of May-Fair Spa Resort and Casino. The Casino sees some rich and expert card game players visiting the casino to test some luck and double your money. You are not allowed to enter if you do not have a valid I.D proof with a valid address.

There are different games that are played here like:

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Flush
  • Texas Hold’em Poker
  • Marriage

Address: MAYFAIR Spa Resort & Casino, National Highway 31A, Ranipool, Sikkim.

Open from: Opens for 24 hours of the whole week.

Fee: You might have to buy coupons worth Rs. 1500 and the cost of the token are dependent on you.

Casino Deltin Denzong:

 night Casino Deltin Denzong

This is the newest casino that has been open for the casino lovers around Sikkim. It is also owned by the Deltin Group, which is the owner of two other casinos in town. The casino lies under the premises of Hotel Denzong Regency which is opposite to Raj Bhawan, Gangtok. The casino is new but it offers interesting table games, electronic machine games and around 150 gaming positions to choose from.

Address: Denzong Regency, Cherry Banks, Gangtok, Sikkim 737101

Open from: Open at all hours of the week.

Fee: They charge from Rs. 2500-3000 with complimentary drinks and food.

Why is Night Life and Events important?

In Gangtok, there are a huge amount of pubs and clubs and karaoke bars which are spread across the different districts within Sikkim. Everyone has the right to have a refreshing time and if you are really tired of your daily schedule and have been waiting for the right place? Visit Sikkim and enjoy the wonderful nightlife options and feel the cold winds as you stroll down the M.G Marg.

A well spent and a wonderful night can be refreshing enough to start your next day with a totally new and refreshed mindset. It can also be a stress buster that you never knew about. So do not grumble, put your clothes on and travel to Gangtok, to live the ultimate nightlife you have only read about.

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