The Reason Why Everyone Love Sikkim


Sikkim is often called the state of wonders and mystique. Situated at the foothills of the great Himalayas, Sikkim is among the most visited hill stations in India. Tourists come to visit this wonderful state throughout the year in a large number.
A trip to Sikkim comes not only with sightseeing of unique and beautiful locations but also with the traditional and cultural heritage of the amazing state. Throughout the year Sikkim festivals such as Loosong, Losar, Saga Dawa, Dasain, Bumchu, Rumtek Chaams, and many more are celebrated. The initiatives of the government of Sikkim towards cleanliness can be noticed in each corner of the state.
Let us discuss the Top 10 reasons to make the amazing state of Sikkim your next travel destination-

1-Mesmerizing sightseeing locations in Sikkim

Well, to be honest, Sikkim probably has some of the most beautiful as well as most romantic places within the state. No words can describe the true beauty of Sikkim. With the comfortable weather and the picturesque landscapes, Sikkim appears to be a destination which must be visited at least once in a lifetime.

2-Authentic mouth-watering foods in Sikkim

Foods in Sikkim have always been a delight for the travellers. It is far different from the cuisines of other states in India. Some of the most popular and delicious food items are momos (dumplings filled with vegetables or meat), Syabhaleys(deep fried meat pie), Thukpa(Soup and noodles with vegetables or meat), Piro Aloo Dum(Potato curry), Sael Roti, Wai-wai(Noodles).

3-Less population of Sikkim

Sikkim is a state with a very little population. Gangtok which is the capital of Sikkim is the most crowded place in the whole state of Sikkim. Pelling, the second most visited destination in Sikkim after Gangtok and is also inhabited by a number of people. This probably is the reason that people who are eager to spend some quality time far from the maddening crowd visit Sikkim.

4-Cleanest State of India

Do not get shocked. Sikkim won the title of the cleanest state of India in the year 2012 and it truly is. The government of Sikkim took steps to make Sikkim a clean state. In the year 2015, Sikkim earned the title of being the first completely organic state of India. Plastic bags which are the main reasons for landslides are totally banned in Sikkim.

5-Adventures in Sikkim

One, who is looking for a place to enjoy some adventurous activity, must visit Sikkim. Trekking, river rafting, rock climbing, hiking, Kayaking, Hang gliding, Canoeing, Mountain biking, Yak Safari etc are some of the most enjoyable adventurous sports in Sikkim that you can indulge in. You can enjoy most of the adventures throughout the year. Monsoon should be ignored if you want to visit Sikkim for enjoying these adventurous sports.

6-Festivals of Sikkim

Sikkim witnesses the celebration of many festivals throughout the year. The main festival of Sikkim is associated with the tribes like Tibetan, Nepali, Bhutia, Buddhist, and Tamang. Some of the Sikkim festivals name are- Sonam Lhochar Festival, Red Panda Winter Festival, International Flower Festival, Bumchu Festival, Enchey Chaam, Kagyat Dance, etc.

7-Warm and hospitable people of Sikkim

Another aspect of Sikkim is the hospitable locals of the state. The inhabitants of Sikkim are so peaceful that they are often considered to be among the happiest people on Earth. Sikkim is mainly inhabited by Lepchas, Nepalese and Bhutias. Some people from other communities such as Bengalis, Marwari, Biharis, Punjabis and South Indians also live here in a large number. It is also a representation of India’s “Unity in Diversity”.

8-Nightlife in Sikkim

You can enjoy the nightlife in Sikkim in various ways. There are many pubs in Sikkim where you can enjoy some drinks with your friends. The streets of Gangtok filled with a variety of lights look marvellous during the night and appear to be no less than New York or Las Vegas. Cafe Live Loud is among the most renowned cafe in Gangtok Sikkim, where you can enjoy nightlife like any metro city in India. Some other famous Sikkim nightlife places are Pub 25, X’cape, Mayfair, and Lounge 31a.

9- Monasteries in Sikkim

Sikkim has a huge number of monasteries throughout the state as Buddhism is one of the major religions of Sikkim. While visiting these monasteries, you will get inner tranquillity observing the Buddhist art, serenity and peaceful ambiance of the monasteries. Some of the famous monasteries are Ranka Gompa, Rumtek Monasteries, Do-Drul Chorten, Enchey Monasteries, etc.

10-Flora & fauna in Sikkim

Another reason to visit Sikkim is the flora and fauna of the state. The whole state has organic farms and has lots of lush greeneries which enhance the beauty of the already beautiful state.
Plantation in Sikkim includes Bamboos, Oranges, Cardamoms, Apples, Walnut, Sal, Oak, Rhododendron, Magnolia etc. Some of the rare species of animals found in Sikkim are Jungle cats, Mongoose, House Sparrows, Snow Leopard, Musk Deer, Red Panda, Gray Langur, Leopard Cat, Himalayan Thar, etc.

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Visit Sikkim and take back an unforgettable memory
The government of Sikkim has many initiatives to promote the state as a popular tourist destination and we must say that they have succeeded in their attempt. Sikkim is truly called “the state of wonders” as the tea gardens, mountains, lakes, waterfalls are mesmerizing. You can get a breathtaking view of the great Himalayas on a clear day in Sikkim. So, pack your bags to visit this wonderful state in India.

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