The idea everyone should know for a More Engaged Event

Events are an analytical fundamental of the market strategy of any company. As the researchers say that face-to-face is the best way to engage the probable customer of a brand.

The engagement of the audience makes your event fun, interesting which helps in the growth and advancement of your brand. You have made sure that audience engagement with your brand is consistent as it improves the attendee experience.

We should not ever satisfy ourselves and want for the sale of tickets and plan more events. However, you must note that attendee engagement never starts at the event but begins long before and continues long after the event’s end. Now the question that might be ringing your mind is how to captivate the audience attraction. Both pre-event and post-event are powerful keys in building a relationship with the audience.

The engaged audience:

An engaged event audience is the one who frequently reacts to your presentations, comments, and questions about the product, and seems willing to learn about the product.

There are basically three steps to follow while you want to engage more audience for the event and those are Pre-Event, during the event and post-event.

Let us discuss them in brief:


  • A blog post of the event is a great way to get audience engagement as allows the audience learns about the event in details. Along with that, if you consult an event management company in Siliguri like EVU Find they link your blog on the registered landing page which enhances the traffic and engagement of the audience.
  • Social media is the most powerful mode of media in the present days and promoting your event with social media is a must-win deal. Create unique twitter hashtags relevant to your upcoming event to popularize your event far and wide. You can even make a trailer of the event just like films which increase the interest of the audience.
  • Knowing the custom audience can also help in increasing the engagement of the audience. Understand the designation and the needs of the audience and prepare all according to their requirements.

During the event-

  • Try to make the event interesting and fun as most of the attendees go to events to discover and learn about the brand as well as have a good time.
  • It is necessary to greet the influencers yourself as they have a wide range of network in the social media. Try to start a conversation with the influencer and continue it which will consolidate several other attendees as well.
  • Arranging a game or competitions in the event also increases audience engagement. There should be rewards for the winners which would keep the spirit of the game alive and this would turn your attendee into a narrator or storyteller.


  • You can ask for the review of the attendees after the event and also may ask them some questions associated with the event like if they want any change in the product, was the event informative and helpful etc.
  • You will never want to finish the relationship with your customer and hence you will have to keep connected to them. So, send emails thanking them for their presence and by doing this you convince your attendees that your company is eager to help and solve their problems.
  • You can also create a digital Q & A session as you might miss getting everyone’s review and some of them would also want to put their advice but couldn’t. So, an online Q & A session may be helpful for both you and your attendees.

You get success when your positive thinking is combined with positive action!!

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So, determine your destination and fortify these branding ideas to get the engagement of more and more audience.

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