Blood Donation Camps

How to Promote and Support Blood Donation Camps in North Bengal

Blood is an essential part of a human life. Only blood donors can help whenever blood is needed. Donating blood is a way of gifting new life. Blood donation is a very noble act and losing a pint of blood would not harm any human being. Blood donation camps are organised on a regular basis at some or the other places to find a suitable donor whose blood is safe and can be used in blood banks in case of any emergency. 14 June of every year is celebrated as “World Blood Donor Day” to pay tribute to all the blood donors.

Promoting and supporting blood donation camps

There are many blood banks in North Bengal but still there is a shortage of blood in few blood banks. It is very important to create a wider public awareness of donating blood and also help the donors to overcome the fear of the blood donors for the first time. Blood donation camps must be organised in different places like in colleges, schools, offices, welfare societies so that pure and safe blood gets supplied to more and more blood banks. This will help to  save the patients in a better way.

Ways to promote the cause of blood donation camps

There are various ways of promoting blood donation campaigns to the people of North Bengal. But some of the ways to promote it in a better way to the people are as follows save the patients in a better way.

Social Media

Nowadays, each and every one of us use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram which is making people more advanced and know about the world more. So, this is a perfect way to promote the cause of organising blood donation camp in North Bengal. Pictures can be uploaded to make people aware and inform them more about the advantages and uses of donating and organising blood camps in their areas.

Hang Posters

Posters can be hanged in every colleges, hospitals, schools and offices in North Bengal  to make the young minds understand more about donating blood for the betterment of someone’s life and there is no harm in it.

Advertisement slides in movie theatre

This is also an effective way to promote the blood donation camps through movie halls. Theatre managers are contacted for the advertisements and slides are displayed with attractive and motivational slogans in between the movie which will help to promote about the camp and encourage more donors to take part in this act.

Organise Competitions

Many types of competitions and quizzes can be organised in schools and colleges on the topics like “Purpose of Blood Donation Camps” for the different age groups and explain them about blood donation.

Newspapers and magazines

Articles and editorials can be published in newspapers and magazines to give information about blood donation camps.

Organise Events

Events like Marathon can be organised to capture public attention about the importance of donating blood. But before the event the people must be given some information about how donating blood can contribute in saving a person’s life. Prizes can also be organised to motivate the people by showing them to make contributions in these camps.

Organise Campaigns

You can organise campaigns by inviting lecturer, special organisations or healthcare professionals and offering them to give a speech on the benefits of donating blood and organising camps. It can be designed with various blood donation messages like “Give Blood”, “Your Blood can give Someone Life”. These messages can give a perfect noble cause and encourage more donors to donate blood.

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Participation in donating blood

Many blood donation camps were organized in and on the outskirts of North Bengal by the societies, NGOs and many more organizations. In Siliguri also there were many blood donation camps organised by the social groups and organisations. More and more people should participate in this global movement and work fervently towards achieving a hundred percent voluntary, non-remunerated blood donation in North Bengal.

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